Intramurals 2014 Event Schedule

Date Event Time Location Registration Date and Time
28-Sep JWU Olympiad 6:30 PM Student Center Gym Sept. 15-24
5-Oct  Flag Football Tournement  1:00 PM Frazier Park  Oct. 4 before 5PM
15-Oct Madden 2015 Tournement   8:15 PM Wildcat Den  Oct. 14 before 5PM
12-Nov Winter Intramural Interest Meeting 8:15 PM Wildcat Den  Nov. 11 before 5PM
17-Nov NBA 2k15 Tournement 8:15 PM Wildcat Den  Nov. 16 before 5PM
19-Nov Captains Meeting 8:15 PM Wildcat Den  Nov. 18 before 5PM


Our intramural sports offerings are now online!
We will use the IMLeagues program for registration and scheduling of all intramural sports and events!

ONLINE REGISTRATION: Click on the link above to begin the registration process.
Every student must register through the JWU Charlotte IM Leagues website in order to participate.
First time users should click on the "CREATE ACCOUNT" button to get started.


For any further information regarding intramural events, please contact Athletics  by email at or by phone at 980-598-1840.